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Birds of a Feather February 24, 2014

Love this painting so much absolutely amazing!

art prescription

Birds of a feather

Stick together thick and thin

Let the sunshine in!

Art Prescription:  When a friend hurts we hurt. Sending love out to some sisters in need.

Birds of a feather

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Get off the fence Polly!

fence 002Too shocked to take a picture at the time, but Polly should have featured on this fence where she was sitting yesterday morning. At the time getting her back in their garden and checking the others were still around – they were- was my number one priority.

“Polly, what are you doing there?,” I asked the vacant space that was then a chicken.

Their voices have broken but she didn’t think it was a question worthy of answering.

So for the first time I picked her up – they are still so light!- and put her back in their part of the garden, which to be fair is at least as big as the garden we used to have in the old country.

chooks after fence adventureThey soon forgot about the ordeal as they happily found some more bugs in the ground.

Winter Rest February 4, 2014

The only thing about reblogging this is that my title should be summer rest being in NZ..

The chooks would appreciate that i can relate to this painting sitting in the wairarapa line 37degrees – waiting for the train from masterton to come past.

That has been and gone now but we are still standing still. I wish we would go, and my chooks wish I was there to let them out of their run so they could enjoy some daylight exercising.

art prescription

Grey, cold, and rainy

Gravity takes over now

A good winter rest.

Art Prescription:  Set out to my studio to paint a colorful spring forest. Reality took over and I painted what I was feeling…really feeling.

Winter Rest Horse

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Hello Dolly!?

dolly and mollyI felt the chooks were a bit too young to start free-ranging, they obviously thought differently.

Cleaning the coop yesterday, I closed the door to the run so the chooks couldn’t get out. It was Cleaning the coop.a gorgeous day in the Wairarapa and after scrubbing the nesting bed, the tray and the roosts, I  let everything dry, and went inside for a bit.

There’s a bit at the coop side that comes undone when I take off the roof. I didn’t worry about it as it was only a tiny gap but enough for little Dolly to dig under and get to the rest of the garden. When I came back she was having a good old feed under the trees. Polly and Molly were staring at her, a bit enviously I thought. I gathered they were ready and let them all out.

They loved it!

Polly and Molly investigated the rhubarb and were too clever to eat the leaves – yep, we know they are poisonous – but the passion vine hoppers on the leaves were a real treat. And I am so glad to have less of those.

Dolly lay in the shade – I am a bit worried as her left leg seems painful – she can’t stand on it properly. But this morning she came out of the coop with the others and started eating and drinking straight away so hopefully she’s doing the right thing by resting it and it’ll come right.

Dolly seems to be challenging the leadership though in her own quiet way… Watch this space.

Polly the 'leader'

Now Polly you have got to up your game…

Shadecloth turned rainshelter


After coming home at 11am I found chooks inside the coop as no  shade from trees so need to get a shadecloth as top priority. Luckily I had a tarpaulin so I threw it over their run and now 4pm looking pretty cosy as it started to rain here just now…


Polly’s got it (naturally)

As I get up at 5 during the week already it’s easy to synchronise to my chickens’ biorythm…


And Polly’s always keen to get out first. I needed to clean their water and upload their chooketeria today so i left the lid of the chooketeria closed


But Polly surprised me when she showed her true intelligence and stood on the pedal to open it, eat a bit and step off the pellet, watch it close and step onto it again. Clever girl!

Alas, Molly got she had to step on but did not stay on, and Dolly is just not heavy enough…