My first chooks

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Angry chooks gathered at the gate around their bedtime. And they had every right to be annoyed.

As my head is foggy because of a very bad cold, I had closed the run that afternoon while the chooks were still out free ranging. I was showing May and Kaiko – in between coughing and sneezing and doing my best not to infect my lovely neighbours – as they had come round to have a look round. May will be looking after the chooks for a couple of days soon.

Four hours later it appeared the chook brigade was not impressed with my faulty memory. “Hi girls,” I greeted them in oblivion when I went out to close their coop for the night. Mostly they are already on their roosts looking at me calmly as I wish them goodnight. But not tonight…

“Oh, are you still up? Why are you gathering behind the gate girlies?”

“Because we want to bite off your fingers you mean witch!”, Polly would have said if she hadn’t been too busy biting – yep biting I swear – one of my fingers.”

Still I hadn’t got it, cutesy cutesy thinking ahwww they do miss having  me around as I have been inside a lot because of my cold.

Molly nearly attacked me when I didn’t open the bin with the food straight away.  But I said “No no, it’s in your chooketeria in the run”, remembering the dead rat I’d seen in the garden last Saturday.  We have to keep the food locked away.

And then I saw my mistake and quickly opened the door. And after a late night snack they finally did go to roost, gazing sleepily at me as if to say we all make mistakes… “That’s right sorry girlies”

Take note chooks, this is an egg!

Waterfront full of eggs - unlike my nestbox...The Wellington waterfront looks fab with different kinds of easter eggs, this one was created by Jo Blog. How do I know? Because a lady who was watching this egg at the same time exclaimed “Jo Blog? Do you think that’s a real name?” I didn’t know… Will google it later.

I am sorry to have a stamp with my face in here. I’ve got a new camera and I need to read the manual…

Anyway this egg in particular I found stunning so next week I’ll take a better picture. I am obsessed with eggs as my chooks are not even thinking of laying. So I think I’ll make prints of a few photos of these eggs and cover their chook house with it – that might help?

And right away I have another idea for a story, loving how this works. I am doing an online writing module at Whitireia Polytechnic. My fifth module is writing for children and it not only trains you to do that but also gets you writing and thinking of story ideas. They are all around us if we just look –¬† look and take notes or a picture of a large egg!

Chickens do not bob their heads…

I was doing a little research for a story I need to write and bumped into this ad, maybe you know it, maybe you don’t but I found it interesting to learn how chickens don’t move their heads. And this kind of proves the point (not so sure about the follow up mercedes versus jaguar¬† though…)

Three on a line

2014-03-13 17.37.49Now what’s happening with these strawberries…

Follow the leader…

Fascinating society: this chicken farm of three.

Polly is the leader. Molly wants to be the leader. So why is everybody following Dolly. Because she knows where the best snacks are!

Check out this video

May the twain never meet (yet)


Wim has created a fence for keeping the Olly’s in their part of the garden. They are fine with it.


They are eating cicadas that are dropping out of the trees as is Prince in the adjoining garden:


Thinking it’s going to end a bit happier if they meet up when the chooks are a bit bigger!