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it is music to wander the black back roads

Read this poem out loud and enjoy! Thank you Mary Oliver.

Green Twig

it is music to wander the black back roads

Listen says fox it is music to run

over the hills to lick

dew from the leaves to nose along

the edges of the ponds to smell the fat

ducks in their bright feathers but

far out, safe in their rafts of

sleep. It is like

music to visit the orchard, to find

the vole sucking the sweet of the apple, or the

rabbit with his fast-beating heart. Death itself

is a music. Nobody has ever come close to

writing it down, awake or in a dream. It cannot

be told. It is flesh and bones

changing shape and with good cause, mercy

is a little child beside such an invention. It is

music to wander the black back roads

outside of town no one awake or wondering

if anything miraculous is ever going to

happen, totally dumb to the fact of every

moment’s miracle. Don’t think I haven’t


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Ollys in the wind

Wind is a bit of an understatement with gusts of over 140k per hour blowing over Featherston. But after I sort of got the rain cloth back on the run I let the Ollys out and they ventured into the garden.

I uploaded an interview with them on YouTube:

These chooks don’t mind the rain but the wind ruffles their feathers too much and as for me. I called off my one reflexology session out on a farm, am going Monday instead. Having another client come over to me for a reflexology session and then it’s going to be starting that Game of Thrones dvd season 3!

Hope you are all doing fine whatever weather you are having!

Watch “Bolletje – Kippen” on YouTube

Bolletje – Kippen:

It’s in Dutch but anyone can get this great ad! The chooks are quite pleased to hear the new ‘beschuit ‘contains seeds!