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First egg for Polly

Just a quick update that Polly has joined the Netherlands as a winner. The NL against Chile.  Polly with her first perfect brown egg. Tasting test soon!



Pushing it chooks!


Top chook Molly is having a feed in the rain that just keeps on raining. Unrelentless drops falling everywhere. These chooks are sooo thick. Sorry no they are not the high – achievers every other chook keeper has.


I thought I’d set them up in a comfy little tent. Fresh wood shavings on the wet ground. Tarpaulin across the run. Fresh water and checked their chooketeria was working as they can’t seem to get the pedal thing… Not interested. Dolly almost had a heart attack when I put her inside the run. They’d rather not go in the run during the day thank you very much. Just not the thing to do. Apparently.

Non-easter egg hunt…

Yep. Went to see my chook man Ken in Masterton. Showed him the little video of the Ollys and he said 99% chance that Polly and Molly are laying.  I haven’t seen any eggs in the nesting space in the coop as it’s being used for other droppings if you get my drift…

Yep. So that means they are laying behind the trees. And there are quite a few of those… So today we are going to rake here and there and everywhere, using our noses as well as our eyes to hopefully find where they are laying.

As Ken said: they have been doing this for thousands of years. Laying in a secluded safe place is just part of their survival kit.

Yep. And then my friend, I am going to have to keep them in their run in the mornings, close the door to the coop while I empty and clean their nesting tray, and open it up as a heavenly safe place for them to lay and hopefully after a week or so this should have become so natural that they won’t soil their nesting space any more and we’ll all live happily ever after!