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So good to see Dolly eating!


What can I say but I am starting to wonder about my chicken farming skills… First Polly passes away after a throat infection, then Dolly is egg bound. 

Yep amazingly enough I didn’t know what egg bound was until Dolly had it. She had an egg stuck in her. It broke. Don’t know if it had a hard or a soft shell – I hope soft for obvious reasons.

Apparently I could be feeding her too little calcium. But I am a bit ahead of myself here.  We went to the vet in Carterton. And vet Craig looked at Dolly after explaining that he sees a chook say once every two months. But he took her temperature and it was 41.5 degrees celcius and she was very timid on the table. The vet hoped she would still be with us i the morning.

So he felt for the egg but there was none to feel. And I said she wasn’t earing well. So she weighed 1.4k. That’s quite light for a chicken with all its feathers off but he gave her some anti inflammation and I got some anti something else to take home and feed her.

Yep. Feed her… So yeah luckily this chook loves yoghurt. And that’s what got her living again. She started to discharge the bright yellow yoke and ate her yoghurt with gusts but not much else. So I get her mash with milk.


Polly also loves the yoghurt it's our new staple!

But since yesterday – so that’s almost a week after her visit to the vet – she is doing great and even eating mash without the bribary yoghurt. Fingers crossed !