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Good morning chookies!




No matter what kind of day it is. Like today it’s quite miserable. But every day is a happy day for the Ollys and I just love watching these chookies head off to their chooketeria especially now they really have got the hang of it.

Hello Ollys!

2014-09-06 07.17.46-chooks -yoghurt2014-09-06 07.21.05 dolly eating again

The thing with us commuters in winter is that we never get to see where we live till after daylight saving. So I feel especially special to have been out of work for two months, also because otherwise I wouldn’t have known what was wrong with Dolly until she had keeled over.

After being employed again, I was completely shocked the whole first week I was back commuting. I don’t know why as I have done it the last six years. But seeing my garden and chooks this morning made me feel like I was on holiday. Cool!

It sure looked like Dolly had her appetite back when she came running out of the coop with Polly. She even did her little stamp stamp stamp dance, after which she crouches so I can pat her. Do any of your chooks do that? She hadn’t done it since we went to the vet so another good development!

And I even think she’s laying again because there were two eggs in the nest one day last week and that’s even a bit many for uberchook Polly…

God it’s good to have a weekend!!!

So have a good weekend!20140906 eating yoghurt