My first chooks

Adding a bit of music


Poppy, Jazzy and Melody – don’t ask me who is who yet – have joined the merry duo Polly and Dolly yesterday.

Well they were not happy singers really as Polly is continuously broody and Dolly is having to befriend blackbirds and neighbouring cats for company. Needless to say Dolly is over the moon with the new chattering chookies!


Polly had a near attack of happy motherhood early this morning before realising they were not hers and  returning to her imaginary nesting duties. She also tried to chase the ‘invaders’ out of the vege slash chicken garden. I need a chicken psychiatrist!

Comments on: "Adding a bit of music" (6)

  1. Exciting! Glad Dolly has some new friends to hang out with.

  2. I have a broody Barred Rock at the moment and her sister is so lonely that she keeps coming to the house to find me.

    • orangekiwi1 said:

      Well I am so happy because Polly has come out of it. Since yesterday she is up and about. God knows why. Is there anything you do when your chooks get broody?

  3. I will take my last comment back about not having too any broodies! My new hens have been continuously broody. I take them off the nest and lock them in a separate coop for a few days and that takes them out of their brood.

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