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Ollys on the Run

Chickens make me think and maybe that’s why I like them so much.¬† So here’s this week’s puzzle: Poppy, Jazzy and Melody are teenagers now and they might be going into the coop a bit later. I am not sure. Whatever the reason, the Barnevelders¬† Dolly and Polly have started to sleep on top of the run…

If I find them there, I just throw them in the run. But Orange Man doesn’t like doing that so they spend the night on the coop and although there are not many predators around – I think there are only stoats – I don’t like leaving them so vulnerable.


Have you had something similar happen? How did you solve it?

Some chook mysteries do get solved! I went to see Ken or Kevin from Seeds and Cereals in Masterton this morning (and get some stuff for the chooks while I was there). He is a fountain of chook knowledge and told me he has an apple tree in his garden he calls the worm farm because when the red delicious are ripe he gives. pieces of apple to his chooks and that deworms them. They stop eating the apples when they don’t need them anymore. I know mine loved kiwifruit kiwifruit and Ken said there might be a similar reason.

He also made me a debrooding box from a cardboard box to throw over Polly or whoever gets broody next time. Three days of the box over her head and a piece of wood on top with food and water outside the ‘bars’. Can’t wait to try it out (not)