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Grumpy chookies and happy fantail!

Polly and Dolly are wondering who is this lady – yep haven’t seen them a week as it’s wintertime here in NZ and my commuting begins and ends in the dark – trying to kill us with those massive green leaves. And where is our sweet corn??? “Oh Dolly run away flee, she is as mad as a hatter, under the trees. Under the trees!”

Yeah thanks girls. Dolly remember last year I brought you back to life? “Yeah nice try you chicken murderer…”

About the lack of sweet corn. Well honey bees, the sweet corn costs $1.79 per husk at Countdown in Masterton so it’s back to silverbeet I am afraid.

The red ones – Jazzy, Poppy and Rocky – don’t care if they have never seen me before. They are scavengers of the worst kind and just want to eat. A dog could come and bring it.

Yeah I know your coop is a disaster zone. I’ll clean it after the ANZAC service in Featherston.  “What not good enough you uncivilised species called human. Get out shoo shoo!”

So I need to get a better work-life balance to make my chookies happy – so they can’t get into trouble and not get out.

wpid-20150314_170030.jpg   except Dolly…  wpid-20150314_170003.jpg She’s tiny but not stupid and she lays the biggest eggs.

On a happy note, a fantail chatted to me in our front garden when we got back from the Anzac Service. So I was at least appreciated by one bird species…