My first chooks

Cutesies but never again


Great food eh bro’

Can I just say that this was a first and a last for me. I have had sleepless nights, waking up every time our roof nearly blew off, or the rain smashed our bedroom window, or the temperature dropped below zero in this crazy El Niño spring and summer start.

WP_20151216_014 [72939]

Crazy Jazzy happy under her roof, getting her off the broodiness is my next challenge.

Thinking of how to organise crazy broody Jazzy on her empty nest, the diligent layers Rocky and Poppy, and give la madre Polly her peace and quiet…


Chook yard, closed off run for Polly and crazy Jazzy under her coop roof.


Got there in the end after a near disastrous “lets sit on Polly and her eggs”-attempt from mental Jazzy, followed by a vicious “surely you don’t need eight chicks, let me eat one”-attempt from Rocky or Poppy.

I closed the coop to the run and took off the sheltered side of the roof, near the trees so Jazzy could still be broody, and Poppy and Rocky would feel protected enough to lay their daily eggs.

WP_20151216_009 [72934]

But Sunday was day 21 and day 21 is when they are meant to hatch. They did not. Wairarapa train guard Rod said: “Ahhh, it can be two days later.” Wise chicken woman Nicki advised it could even take up to five days if the weather hadn’t been that good…

And this morning Polly made some surfing motions and two bubbies appeared from under her feathers. You can’t help but love them, and they love her that’s for sure. They hide in her feathers and look at her for what to do when big lady with camera appears.

“Hide,” says Polly and off they scutter…


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