My first chooks

Away in a new coop…


Phoenix, the only yellow and brown/grey hatchling is now a week old -the photo above was taken today – but last Thursday I luckily took the early train back from Wellington as she was lying outside the run. She was completely soaked and worse, dead I thought.

When I picked her up she sighed and moved her lil leg. Without giving it another thought I picked up the tray containing mum and the other bub and put them in the new coop. If nothing else, it was too cold for them to stay in the run and I did not want any more hatchlings escaping. They were a bit too young to venture out into the big world. Especially one that contains crazy aunty Jazzy…

I laid the soaked chick next to mum. Thinking that at least she would get to die close to her mum. But when I looked in 10 mins later Polly had taken her under her wings.

And when I checked the next morning at 6am before my last day of work before the break, I saw movement in three places under mum. The sun was shining when I got home around 5pm and not only had Phoenix turned fluffy again, she had also gained a new sister.

The three hatchlings and mum are loving their new wooden coop! How’s that for a happy Christmas story!


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