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Some time away

It’s hot in the Wairarapa, and while only a small part of the eggs hatched, it’s not easy having boisterous triplets…


“Let me out!”

So Polly gets some┬áME-time, whenever I can let her out of the coop. As you can see she below doesn’t stray far from the run…


“Ah, I can breathe again…”


Probably not normal

… to envy your chickens. But they have such a relaxed life. Here are some pics of proud Polly and fickle Phoenix. Eating corn is one of their favourite things…



Listen to mummy Phoenix


Happy 2016! No partying for Polly and her three chicks though. Young Phoenix in the photo still goes to bed when mum says so – she just goes up the ladder and they all wiggle along, but not quite sure how long that will continue.

After five minutes Phoenix ventured back down into the run. So I had to shut the coop door. Thank God their chalet does have a window as it is about 30 degrees and very, very humid in the Wairarapa.

The red ones aren’t even thinking about roosting. They might be planning a midnight party…


They can party all they want as long as they stay outside the chook fence. My veges are growing great at the mo.