My first chooks


I just realised I had nothing under the About page so here goes: I started this blog to write about my new chooks Dolly, Polly and Molly. It’s been almost a year now and I will try and blog more in 2015 (I am writing this 31 December 2014).

It’s been great. Thanks to Cathy for invaluable info and to everyone who took the time to read or even comment on my posts.

Chookwise it has been a mixed year. With Molly dying and Dolly nearly passing on and Polly going broody for weeks and weeks, I did start to wonder about my skills as a chook owner.

But the beginning of December brought happiness with my musical notes Jazzy, Poppy and Melody. One of them has got white feet so that is Melody but other than that I still can’t tell them apart.

Polly is a ruthless ruler and Dolly finds herself on the bottom of the chain again after a few weeks of bossing the musical notes around. Payback time now they have gotten bigger, I am afraid.

But there are two eggs nearly every day so we are not complaining.

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