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Phoenix plays hide & seek

Added the run to the coop yesterday as it was so hot in the Wairarapa. The chicks are about 10 days old and they loved it. Phoenix has forgotten all about her – yep all the hatchlings are hens I hope – near-fatal adventure and played hide and seek with mum.

Here’s a short video on YouTube

Brooding in the tent



Polly (right) and Jazzy on their half dozen eggs each.

Won the fertile Barnevelder eggs in the auction, surprise surprise and drove up to 858 Norfolk Road outside of Carterton, about a 35 min drive northwest from here.

858 Norfolk Road

It is beautiful there and I paid Leonie the 19 dollars for the dozen Barnie eggs. Back in Featherston I did not have a nesting place for the girls – “You cannot let them sit together on the eggs, they will break them” from Leonie still ringing in my ears.

I thought I’d use the cats’ travel kennels but Polly and her red friend Jazzy did not think that was a good idea, so I took it apart and now they are cosy in the front of the run with the tarpaulin as protection. I just hope they let Poppy and Rocky through to the coop, and that it doesn’t blow too hard…


Chook yard with the brooding run.


Shadecloth turned rainshelter


After coming home at 11am I found chooks inside the coop as no  shade from trees so need to get a shadecloth as top priority. Luckily I had a tarpaulin so I threw it over their run and now 4pm looking pretty cosy as it started to rain here just now…


Was it Polly, or was it Dolly?

up with the chickensfeatherston - thamesFor once I am actually getting up with the chickens. Needless to say Polly came out as soon as the door opened to be joined by Molly after about five minutes and Dolly who was pining to go to bed around 9pm yesterday, but couldn’t being bottom of the picking order, arrived at the chooketeria about 1 minute behind Molly…

We picked up the Ollies yesterday, it was 30 degrees, but they had airconditioning.

DSCF7241getting chooks out of petbusgoing home

Yep, bit of a disaster when we got the girls home. Wim said let’s open the banana box in the run, I said, let’s have a quick look, they’re probably sleeping and out popped Polly – I thought at the time that’s gotta be Polly but rethinking it could very well have been Dolly… as it wasn’t actually a very bright move.

2014-01-25 18.11.58As my friend Roel said to me last year: Polly will be the boss, Molly will try to be the boss, and Dolly won’t have a clue…

I played a game of chicken roulette while the two chooks – let out of the box in the run – walked around happily, seeming quite content with their new place and eating already – leaving the backhatch open so Polly or Dolly – I am sure it was Dolly! – could get back in, standing far enough away as not to scare him but close enough to quickly enclose the other two if they decided to leave the run as well…

It only took about 30 minutes till they were reunited.

I also wanted to see who went in the coop first last night – no doubt it was Polly – Dolly would have been happy (“Finally!”) and Molly would have said: “We’ll see about that!” But they decided to have a party so I actually retired before the chickens.

Two more weeks to go!

Putting the Carefree Coop together.

Putting the coop together was fairly easy but adding a few ‘This side down’ might have made it even smoother.

Carefree coop set up.

Chicken coop awaits Polly, Molly and Dolly

So the coop stands, finally! It had been waiting in a couple of flatpacks for months but here it is, only the run to do now.

We live in the Wairarapa in New Zealand, Featherston is our town and it can blow there. And it did the day afterw e set up the coop and it hasn’t moved a cm.

We bought the coop from Chicken Manor who imports this UK SPCA approved coop. Check out the Chook Manor site and the Brinsea Carefree Coop site.

You can also get a run for the coop. We opted for the smaller version as the plan is to circulate the chickens and their housing around our raised beds to improve the soil and to give them some entertainment.