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Polly likes the rain!

polly loves the rainLeaving for work in the dark and returning at near dark, I was worried the girlies weren’t getting enough free-ranging time. Last week they went to roost at 7.15 at night. Now the clock’s gone back an hour they were inside by the time I had opened the door of the run to let them out.

I didn’t dare leave the run door open when it was still dark but you know what? I started thinking about their predators and dogs can’t come in so that leaves cats and I just gathered they’re big enough now. So I just open the run and leave them to wake up to a free-ranging paradise!


But I still didn’t know how they were getting on in the rain. It’s been raining for days now off and on but mostly on. So this morning after I came back from my swim I had a look. Polly was just walking around as queen of her estate and came to greet me when I came through the gate.

wpid-20140412_103603.jpg                  Molly and Dolly in run

The inseparable Molly and Dolly were in their tent run actually eating from the chooketeria. So they can use it!


all three love the rain    polly looking rather smug.

And then even they went for a walk in the rain so all good with the Ollys!