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Desert dust bath

Chooks created a dust bath

Hmmm I thought I planted some leeks there…

So I walked into the vegetable garden – or should I say chook garden? – and we were having some serious sun after days and nights of rain.

And I saw a bunch of feathers where I thought I’d planted leeks.

The girls were having a communal bath like in Japan but without the water. Does this reveal their desert origins?

I find it fascinating how they always huddle together – safety in numbers but I don’t think I am cut out to be a chicken.

I am writing this at night – insomnia – and I don’t mind my cat Wilma sitting next to me on the couch and requiring when are we going to be joining snoring Wim again? But to have two humans around me all the time would just make life a bit too claustrophobic for moi…

Is everything about safety for chooks? Out there in the desert you’d have to have eyes in the back of your head so I guess it makes sense!

Some thoughts I’m having:

  • I really need to fence off one of the raised beds off if we ever want to eat a leek or any kind of vegetable again
  • Who takes the lead in creating a dust bath and will they leave it at one? Or do they create them all over the place…
  • They look pretty happy!
Chooks enjoying the sun after so many days of rain rain rain...

Girls just wanna have fun!

Resting is important after a dustbath.

We love our life!