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Was it Polly, or was it Dolly?

up with the chickensfeatherston - thamesFor once I am actually getting up with the chickens. Needless to say Polly came out as soon as the door opened to be joined by Molly after about five minutes and Dolly who was pining to go to bed around 9pm yesterday, but couldn’t being bottom of the picking order, arrived at the chooketeria about 1 minute behind Molly…

We picked up the Ollies yesterday, it was 30 degrees, but they had airconditioning.

DSCF7241getting chooks out of petbusgoing home

Yep, bit of a disaster when we got the girls home. Wim said let’s open the banana box in the run, I said, let’s have a quick look, they’re probably sleeping and out popped Polly – I thought at the time that’s gotta be Polly but rethinking it could very well have been Dolly… as it wasn’t actually a very bright move.

2014-01-25 18.11.58As my friend Roel said to me last year: Polly will be the boss, Molly will try to be the boss, and Dolly won’t have a clue…

I played a game of chicken roulette while the two chooks – let out of the box in the run – walked around happily, seeming quite content with their new place and eating already – leaving the backhatch open so Polly or Dolly – I am sure it was Dolly! – could get back in, standing far enough away as not to scare him but close enough to quickly enclose the other two if they decided to leave the run as well…

It only took about 30 minutes till they were reunited.

I also wanted to see who went in the coop first last night – no doubt it was Polly – Dolly would have been happy (“Finally!”) and Molly would have said: “We’ll see about that!” But they decided to have a party so I actually retired before the chickens.